Locker Products

Small left-luggage locker columns
Mail lockers with combination lock
Left-luggage lockers
24-hour delivery lockers
Locksafe 4 with credit card/cash payment

LockTec's ELECTRONIC LOCKERS can be used in many different ways and environments:

  • transport hubs, such as railway stations, bus stations, ferry terminals 
  • shopping centres
  • staff lockers
  • 24/7 delivery lockers e.g. for businesses or residential properties
  • business parks (e.g. parcel deliveries) 
  • laptop storage lockers
  • refrigerated lockers: chiller/freezer/ambient lockers for 24/7 B2C delivery/ collection of groceries

i.e. wherever secure storage/handover is needed. 



Not only are our electronic lockers attractive for any environment, but they offer a very useful service to your customers. They can be installed indoors, or outdoors with suitable protection.


If you would like a quotation, or have any questions, please contact LockTec Ltd on +44 (0) 131 445 7788.

Further photos and details can be found on our Head Office website: