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Delivery Lockers / Refrigerated Lockers

24-Hour Delivery Lockers
Locksafe MEDIC pharmacy lockers
Apartment building delivery lockers
Chiller/Freezer lockers
Refrigerated lockers Australia
Click & Collect lockers Australia

LockTec's range of DELIVERY LOCKERS offers: 


  • 24/7 handover - parcels and goods 
  • click&collect - refrigerated/frozen/ambient lockers
  • pharmacy lockers - 24/7 handover of prescriptions.



'Last mile' or delivery lockers come in a range of standard sizes, or can be customised.


Refrigerated lockers also come in a range of standard sizes or can be customised.


Otherwise, please just advise the size you require! We can make to order, depending on minimum quantities.




For delivery/collection of online purchases, or handover of items e.g. tools, staff clothing, etc.

  • Stand-Alone - or Networked for remote management. 
  • Wide range of applications e.g. apartment buildings or business deliveries/staff supplies handover/secure tool handover or collection
  • All transactions logged.




Refrigerated/Frozen/Ambient Lockers: 24/7 B2C collection of online grocery orders.

  • Increase your B2C sales!
  • Retailers or online businesses can deliver online grocery orders to these lockers for 24/7 collection by customers.
  • Range of locker sizes - see above drawing. 
  • Temperature-controlled for energy-saving operation.
  • For indoor installation.
  • Remote Operator management via PC/network.
  • Software integrates easily with your existing in-house software/web shop.






  • 24/7 handover of prescriptions
  • save on staff costs
  • provide a convenient service to your customers.
  • locker access can be integrated with (e.g. card) access to the location if required.


For a quotation, or further information, please call us on +44 (0) 131 445 7788 or email us on