Locksafe 5 lockers with powercharge

LockTec has recently installed a new Locksafe 5 locker bank at The Square shopping centre in Dublin, Ireland.

These lockers have the latest LockTec technology, including a wide, user-friendly paypoint. The lockers also have 'powercharge', which allows shoppers to charge up their electronic devices at the same time as storing their shopping.

Our attractive RAL powder-coated finish ensures that the lockers are eye-catching and fit in with the shopping centre's corporate image.

For the retail outlets at the centre, the lockers help customers to spend more time shopping, and also free shoppers' hands, so they can browse in comfort.

For the shopping centre, it's another attraction to encourage customers to visit.



Refrigerated Lockers

Chiller locker module
Customer scanning bar code from mobile
Touch screen

LockTec first produced chiller lockers in 2007, for 2 shopping centres in Switzerland. We were one of the first companies to produce them.


Now, after years of experience, we have redesigned and improved the product.


We offer ambient, 'chiller' (approx. 2 to 10C), and freezer lockers (approx. -2 to -20C). 


Locker sizes are S, M, L and XL. A combination of different sizes is possible.


A central touch screen provides the user interface.


Payments are possible if required - cash/card/store card.


Our locker software can be flexibly and easily integrated with the Operator's website/webshop software systems to communicate with the lockers.


These lockers allow the Operator to offer customers 24/7 shopping, both for dry goods and chilled or frozen goods. Collection by the customer is a simple procedure, by input of a code at the touch screen. 


LockTec have already supplied chiller and freezer lockers to international supermarkets, e.g. in France and Australia. A large bank of chiller lockers was also recently installed at a butcher's in Germany, where fresh meat is prepared and stored ready for collection by the customers 24/7.  


These chilled lockers offer your customers great customer service and can really increase your sales, whether the Operator is a large concern or small retailer/online supplier. You are no longer dependent on opening hours - you are always open for business.  


It can only be a win-win situation! 

HANDOVER LOCKERS for staff clothing

Handover lockers

In December 2015, LockTec installed a large bank of 116 lockers at a major UK airport, for the handover of clothing items to airline staff. When new items of clothing are ordered by the staff, the order is processed by the supplier and delivered to the lockers. The supplier's software notifies the staff members when their order is ready to collect: they then simply collect the order from the lockers at a convenient time, when they are in the airport. They can also return items whenever required.

The clothing supplier has full control of the IT processes: their in-house software communicates with the networked locker system at every stage. By automating the order process, the clothing supplier has a complete overview of the status of all collections/returns, thereby increasing overall efficiency and saving on staffing costs. Order collections and returns are no longer shift-dependent, and items which are not collected on time can be removed.

DELIVERY LOCKERS for apartment block

eConcierge Delivery Lockers

A small bank of LockTec's 'e-Concierge' ServiceBox lockers has been installed in a prestigious new apartment block in London. The building receives parcels daily for the occupants, from a range of carriers. Now, instead of having parcels lying around reception, the concierge can deposit them in the secure parcel lockers, selecting the recipient's address from the list provided on screen.

As this is a simple, stand-alone system, there are no big IT implementation costs: just plug in and use. The concierge can choose to notify the recipient about deliveries, or the recipient simply checks at the lockers. By entering his PIN code at the keypad, a screen notifies him if there is a parcel in the ServiceBox or not. He has the option of collecting it then or later.

The 'e-Concierge' ServiceBox delivery lockers are really convenient for both the users and the concierge: they are easy and quick to use, addresses and PIN codes can quickly be modified as required, and most importantly, they keep deliveries safe until recipients can collect them.


Safe Contractor Logo



LockTec Limited has again been awarded accreditation from SafeContractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.


SafeContractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.


SafeContractor is applicable to most sectors. Under the scheme, LockTec underwent a vetting process which examined health and safety procedures and our track record for safe practice. LockTec Limited is delighted to have gained this award.


Multi-Opening Staff Lockers

LockTec has installed more than 50 banks of ELECTRONIC STAFF LOCKERS into the beautiful Marischal College offices of Aberdeen City Council. This 5-storey granite office building has been refurbished to a very high standard. Due to the large number of staff, electronic lockers were by far the most efficient solution: staff do not have their own locker, but use a new one each day as required, in whichever area they are working in. The operator has no keys to worry about. The system is ready each day for use by whoever needs a locker.

Operation is simple: staff use their staff mifare card to access a locker. If wished, the operator can restrict who uses the lockers in specific areas via the staff mifare cards. Once assigned to the day's user, a locker can be opened and closed any number of times during the day, but must be cleared at the end of the day. This gives the Operator complete control and the benefits of a very flexible locker system.  


Multi-opening Student Lockers with paypoint
Multi-opening Student Lockers

LockTec supplied and installed a large bank of electronic lockers for students at a university in London, GB. With students having so much to carry around, small, electronic lockers, which avoid lost keys, were the ideal solution: a safe storage place for personal items, with access to the lockers multiple times during the day. Meanwhile, the university has a steady income stream. The lockers are also networked with a remote PC for easy monitoring, management and control purposes.